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The Thinking Helmet Experience

"Simply put, the 'blocking and tackling' principles of management are for all business climates: good, bad, or mediocre. Those who realize this and whose day-to-day actions reflect this core belief can, in the spirit of this book, put themselves and their organizations in '1st and goal from the two-yard line' position time and again."

From the Prologue to Blocking and Tackling Your Way to Management Success

This book, the author, and the training are not affiliated with nor endorsed by the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, The National Football League, or any player, coach, or team official mentioned herein.  No representations are made by Precision Business Intelligence, LLC, Thinking Helmet, Inc., the author, or any other party to the contrary.
Help your organization's management team learn the most valuable "blocking and tackling" principles of the business world! Based on Alan R. Simon's new book, these training sessions are specifically designed for the Pittsburgh-area business community (but available anywhere) and use 40 years of events and personalities from Pittsburgh Steelers' history as the backdrop for some of the most enlightening, enjoyable management training available today. These sessions are especially valuable for first-level supervisors through middle-tier managers, but even senior managers and executives – especially those who are Pittsburgh Steelers fans! – will pick up new techniques for keeping everyone in their organization "on the same page of the playbook."

Select from one of four available training formats:

"Pre-game pep talk" - A 30- to-minute highly engaging keynote-style address to inspire your team at your next onsite or offsite meeting...or in the company cafeteria or auditorium during lunch...or any venue where you want to reenergize your team's commitment to management excellence.

"Coach’s briefing"
- Fast-paced, 2-3 hour roundtable discussion and review of selected topics from the book, with the subjects tailored to the needs of your organization. Up to 75 people may attend a session.

One-day "chalk talk" format - Lecture format (no workshops) covering:

  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Resolving problems and getting through difficult situations
  • Managing your team: job assignments; recruiting, hiring, and firing; evaluating and rewarding employee performance; dealing with dissension; and more!
  • Measuring and managing your organizational KPIs
  • Best practices electives (select one): sales management best practices or project management best practices

Up to 50 people may attend a session.

One- or two-day "mini-camp" – The subjects from the one-day "chalk talk" are interspersed with three group workshops over the two days: two "mini-workshops" and one longer workshop. You choose the subjects most important to your organization for all three of the workshops. Designed for 10-20 attendees to allow full participation in workshops and maximize the learning experience.

All sessions conducted onsite at your facility or the offsite location (e.g., hotel banquet room or other venue) of your choice. Each mini-camp attendee also receives a complementary copy of Blocking and Tackling Your Way to Management Success plus a "playbook" (additional training materials) tailored to the subjects most important to your organization.

To inquire about availability and pricing, or for more information, please contact us at: or call (480) 242-6566 or (570) 764-2454

"Put on your thinking helmet"
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