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The Alan Simon Series on:
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Business Intelligence

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Management Lesson #4, 1972

Having Loads of Data Isn’t Enough;
You Need World-Class Analytical Capabilities
(Adapted from Alan Simon's latest book)
Why do so many companies continue to misapply and underutilize their business intelligence (BI) capabilities? Alan Simon takes a look at essential BI best practices against a backdrop of the 1972 National Football League draft. Why did the Pittsburgh Steelers make the surprise selection of future Hall-of-Famer Franco Harris in the first round, even though at the time Harris was overshadowed by his own college teammate? And what can we learn about world-class business intelligence from what the Steelers did and how it turned out?

Super Bowl 43 and Business Intelligence:
“Replay Challenges” Must be Part of Your BI Environment
Just about totally overlooked amidst the down-to-the-wire excitement of Super Bowl 43 was the fact that during the game the Arizona Cardinals successfully challenged two on-the-field calls that were reversed in the Cardinals’ favor, expertly using the NFL’s rules for challenging on-the-field calls along with the instant replay infrastructure dedicated to quickly and definitively resolving those challenges.

Most business intelligence environments are subjected to one “challenge” after another from departmental executives and managers who dispute report results and analytics produced from the data warehouse, but these rarely go as smoothly as those that occurred in Super Bowl 43. Learn how to equip your BI environment with architectural components, formal rules, and accepted best practices functionally equivalent to those of the National Football League to prevent these challenges from compromising your mission of providing timely, actionable insights.
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